Challenge is not Difficulty


A common misconception among gamers and game designers is that challenge is equivalent to difficulty. In fact, the two terms are not interchangeable. In this brief post, we’ll look at some thoughts from game design experts on why these two concepts are different.

Auto Layout Recipes (part 1)


With iOS now available on more screen sizes, proficiency with Auto Layout has become a necessity. Unfortunately, I’ve observed many novice iOS developers whose first reaction to Auto Layout is to shy away. It can be intimidating, so in this post I’ll show a few common tricks that show the power and ease of use of Auto Layout.

Respecting Time Investment


Time is a critically important resource. It’s hard to find uninterrupted chunks of time to put towards playing games. When players choose to play your game, you should do everything in your power to use their time respectfully. In this post, I’ll examine thoughts from several games-industry thinkers on the efficient use of time.

Chess Clock Plus


I am infatuated with chess. I’ve known the basic rules for as long as I can remember, but had not gained an appreciation for the game’s nuances until recently. The game designer in me was hooked by the game’s endless complexity, and how it arises out of a set of simple rules. The software developer in me was intrigued by the game’s algorithmic nature.

Games and Motivation


Good games have focus. Their designers have picked one idea, a core concept, and made it the thesis statement that guides the entire experience. Players often find that the most emotionally powerful games have a focus that resonates with their innate desires and motivations. In this post, I’ll examine the relationship between different types of games and human motivation.