Gargoyles of New York


In New York, there are so many sights and sounds that it’s easy to overlook the city’s more commonplace features. Gargoyles of New York, out now on the iOS App Store, is a documentary photo essay that showcases the city’s ubiquitous standpipes.


Size Class Concepts in iOS


With ever more devices and new multitasking features supported by iOS, it’s important to create user interfaces that scale gracefully to different screen sizes. Size classes are the most effective tool for tackling this problem. In this post, we’ll look at what size classes are and how to use them.

Auto Layout Recipes (part 1)


With iOS now available on more screen sizes, proficiency with Auto Layout has become a necessity. Unfortunately, I’ve observed many novice iOS developers whose first reaction to Auto Layout is to shy away. It can be intimidating, so in this post I’ll show a few common tricks that show the power and ease of use of Auto Layout.