Vague WWDC Prediction


With Apple’s WWDC keynote scheduled for early next week, everyone seems to be guessing what the new features of iOS and OSX will be. I will not make any specific predictions, but want to offer a more general observation about what happens every year:


With every new version of iOS and OSX, an interesting trend has occurred. Successful features from iOS have been backported to OSX, while iOS has gained sophistication, causing it to more closely resemble its big brother.

From OSX to iOS

With each version, iOS gives the growing impression that all our phones, which at one point were only for calling and texting, are now little computers. Apps like those in the iWork suite are a great example of ‘The Phone’ enabling features that would have seemed impossible without a ‘PC’ only a few years ago.

From iOS to OSX

Conversely, these are some of the ideas that have travelled back from iOS to OSX:

  • Launchpad (resembling the iOS home screen)
  • The App Store
  • Inverted scrolling as the default direction (i.e. the concept of grabbing the content and scrolling it)
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Full-screen apps

Happy WWDC

Remember to watch the keynote live stream next Monday at 10am PDT.

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